Zwift Companion 3.58 [June 2024]

Hello Zwifters!
These are the release notes for Zwift Companion v 3.58.0. Please update on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store at your earliest convenience.


  • Fixed some app crashes on Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of route completion badges was inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue where Zwift Play disconnects would generate repeated error messages.


  • Fixed issue where selecting routes from the MyList screen sometimes didn’t display route information.

Zwift Companion v 3.58.1

  • New routes that feature The Grade will be viewable in the paired map as well as the “routes” section of the app after a server-side update is made later this week.
  • Fixed various bugs with MyList.
  • Fixed various bugs with firmware updates.

Do you have questions or issues? Please let us know below.


ERMAGHERD! I just checked and they really are fuxed!


OMG it looks like the world calendar on Android was also finally fixed!

Please note that Companion 3.58.1 is available for Android and iOS.

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Think they just pushed the problem over to my time zone rather than fixing underling issue. Zwift shows France/Paris and CA App shows London/Yorkshire Zwift :man_facepalming:

While I’m here … wondering if this will ever get fixed. Plenty of white space to get this sorted.

On the Iphone with the new update. i cant see the new Grade routes, yes i have 3.58.1 app.

The lack of new routes in companion is very, very annoying… Why would you delay it after the rollout of the update? I was hoping to ride the new routes with my wife in a rubberbanded meetup. Disappointing :disappointed:

Good news. I noticed lately that everyone I opened the Companion app, my WiFi signal was cut. I use an iPhone. I look forward to a stable companion app.

Ride on…


Just installed update and cannot start a Coffee break using the app, can select it in the app, but no way to select start without a keyboard

Same problem with teleporting, can select a pace partner in the companion app, but the option to cancel or let’s go missing, need to use a keyboard for this.

Turn arrows also missing from companion app since update

Hi @Jon_M_TBR
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs and at the time you wrote in - your Companion app was still on v3.58.0 and game version 1.66 (which does not have the new expansion routes.

You subsequently updated to the latest v3.58.1 and game version 1.67, both of which do have the new routes. IDid this make a difference on your ride on Coastal Crown Loop?

Sometimes, it helps to clear the cache for the Companion app.
On an iPhone, you do that by rebooting the phone.
For Android, you do that by going into OS Settings > Apps > Companion > Storage & cache > Clear Cache.

Would you try that and see if that clears it up?

Yes, worked fine since the update to 1.67
Love the new routes

My app is still not showing a route I completed yesterday (Peak Performance). It does show as completed the one I rode today (Mayan mash)….:thinking:

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I have the same issue with the peak performance badge

Same here, completed this route and shows completed in the game, but not in the app?

Did the Coastal crown loop last week, nice track!
But why can’t i see the Itza KOM or the Mayan Mountainside KOM in the zwift companion app ?

Same issue here!