Zwift Companion Release 3.44 [February 2023]

Hi Zwifters! These are the notes for the latest updates to the Zwift Companion app version 3.44.

iOS and Android

  • Introducing leaderboards! Navigate the world of Zwift, explore worlds, routes and segments. Gain access to your all-time segment data to help you track your fitness progression.
  • Fixed a bug when paired with Zwift App where workouts would not initiate in Zwift Companion.

Android only

  • Fixed a bug with descriptions for Privacy Settings not reflecting Zwifter’s current selections.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Zwifter attempts to validate their membership status.

UPDATE 3.44.1 February 27

  • Fixed a Leaderboards crash affecting Zwifters using languages that use decimal comma conventions.
  • Fixed a Leaderboards crash affecting Zwifters using certain languages on devices running iOS 15 and earlier.

UPDATE March 15 (latest version is still v3.44.1)

  • Sorted misplaced or missing segments on Personal Leaderboards.
  • Notably: added Alpe du Zwift segment on Road to Sky.
  • Scotland routes are now available in Leaderboards.

On the leader board , crit city is saying 0/0 badges…. Are these routes getting badges added them like they did with some of the other event only routes?

I’ve not ridden crit city since last year, will have to revisit if there’s badges :rofl:

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Looks good but the badge count seems a bit glitchy.

Watopia shows me as 41/41 badges but i have 5 still to get
Makuri 31/32 badges but i have 2 still to get

Also it would be nice to be able to sort segment times from fastest to slowest. Some segments I’ve been doing for years so have to scroll up/down to spot the fastest


Same here, says 13/13 for London but I’ve never done the PRL Full and it shows that route as incomplete.

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Hilly Route/Hilly Loop doesn’t seem to be in the Watopia list. Hilly Route Reverse is though.

I haven’t checked all routes, but as the oldest route on Watopia it’s a noticeable absence.

I don’t know why some show incomplete grey ticks and others show no ticks at all either.

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It’s called “Watopia Hilly Route”… keep scrolling down. (The naming does need updating!)


D’oh! I do like consistency.

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Also noticing some inconsistencies with segments. On Oceanside Lava the Hilly Loop Reverse segment is listed but it’s not on that route. Same for Road to Ruins showing Hilly Loop segment.


Just a few quick ones after loading this up.

  • Activities from 2018 and prior won’t load.
  • CA crashes when I attempt to load my Zwift KOM PB (from May 2017)
  • Clicking my PB dot scrolls to the incorrect quarter if it’s prior to 2019.
  • There’s no Alpe. This is a very important segment as there are badges/rewards for 5 & 25 attempts and doing that segment under 60 minutes. This was the first segment I wanted to dive into as I’m on 23 or 24 attempts, I think… this is why I wanted to check it.
  • There’s some confusion over route badges vs event routes with the numbering. IMO the real hero feature of this update is to view route badges within CA. This is a much requested feature! It’s awesome. Just needs a slight tweak to line things up.

Main page incorrectly shows 13/13 for London but go in and it correctly shows PRL Full as incomplete. And there’s no Scotland. And apparently Tour of Fire and Ice, Road to Sky, and Tick Tock have no segments in them, among other routes.

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Route times would have been nice - hopefully they will come zoon.


Thanks for the quick reports, everyone.

  • We’re investigating crashes of the Companion app as the highest priority.
  • Missing rides from long ago, or certain routes / worlds not having data will also be investigated, but not as urgently as the app crashing.

Stay tuned to this thread for updates.


It looks like event only routes with a badge are shown as not checked off despite being complete

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Zwift Insider post about Leaderboards… includes a bit of a bug list, as well as ideas for what could come in future upgrades: Personal Leaderboards Arrive In Zwift Companion | Zwift Insider


I think this has been the case ever since past activities were added to the Companion. I don’t know if the original issue ever got resolved, I just put it down to incompatibility between the feature and old activities.

I can’t scroll back in my timeline any further than October 2020 anyway, but I’m sure I could go back to 2015 once upon a time.

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Crit City shows 0/0 for me, definitely put some laps on those in the not-too-distant past :slight_smile:

Edit: oh right there are no badges for crit city, so 0 for 0 is correct.


Hi. I was keen to have a look at this new
Leaderboard function.
I updated Companion on my Pixel 4a and Samsung S6 Lite tablet and it’s not showing in the menu on either devices.

Is it a phased roll-out?

App revision is showing as 3.44.0

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I just installed 3.44 on Android. I don’t see any way to access the leaderboard. Should I?


@K_Allen_Stumpy01_STW and others using Android:
We’ve temporarily disabled Personal Leaderboards on Android devices at the server end while we’re investigating the crash scenario.

UPDATE: Leaderboards on Android have been re-enabled for US-based Zwifters only for troubleshooting reasons.