Want to test rubberbanding?

Looking for some Clubs to test out rubberbanding!

What is rubberbanding? It is the equivalent to “keeping everyone together” in meetups or the mechanism in which everyone stays together during group workouts.

What do I need from you?

  • Create or send me some existing group rides you have already created
  • Provide any feedback and observations!

Hi @Eddy_Lee

Can you define rubber banding, is that for workouts?

Great points, I edited my original post to answer =)

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This used to work in meetups. Since there were limits to the size of meetups it worked well when it was working. It will be interesting to see how it goes with larger groups.

Hi @Eddy_Lee Banditz group are willing to host some test rides . we started out doing banded meetups in jan 2020 so have people with experience. we would need additional ride slots on the calendar though to suite our leaders availability as we wouldnt want to affect our existing rides if the band is as glitchy as it is with larger meetups. please let me know if we can assist
regards dave

Hi Eddie - is this aimed at Club events only? If not, I’d be willing to test it on the ZHR Weekend Group Ride - it would be funny to see flyers kill themselves trying to “race” a group ride! :laughing:

The Bike MS club might want to try this out, they still primarily use meetups. @Chris_Crush_MS is the owner.

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Our Bike MS Zwift Riders group would enjoy testing this out with you! We have rides this weekend and then again next week. How do we get involved? @Eddy_Lee do I copy the link and send you an invite?

I think you need to create some club events, not meetups, and let @Eddy_Lee know.

We run a weekly banded ride through the Meetup function on a Saturday. (all of our other rides are now run through clubs, which is great). We also run a longer ride (AdZ or similar) once a month as a banded ride. I would love to be able to set these up in Clubs.

Eddy, are you looking for us to set up a ride in Clubs and then you will make it banded so that we can test it?

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@Eddy_Lee, @Chris_Crush_MS and I are currently riding in what we thought was going to be a rubberbanded club ride, it isnt working at all, no one is together.

Hi @Eddy_Lee ,

We would love to try this. About 15 people group, with 3 weekly rides since the first days of covid. We have a club but without the rubberbanding it is hard to keep the people with different abilities together so we only do one very flat club ride a week now.

I will send the links with the private message and we will be very happy to provide feedback.

I actually have one already: After now almost two years of three “keep it together” meetups a week, we the rubberbanding proved one of the best features to keep our mixed ability group together. There [edit:] is one item in our wish list:

The ability to disable it for a while on sprints or KOMs. Everyone loves a little competition to spice up things and we really missed that there are no more sprint results.

Many thanks.


Yes please, how can I send you a link to the club ride please?

Hi @Eddy_Lee

We would love to test this. We do two weekly meetups with rubberbanding.

Hi @Eddy_Lee

With this rubber banding will it be possible that we can do workouts in the events. We are starting up our daily meetups where most of us do our individual workouts.

We would be happy to change it to a club event if it is possible to load a workout while waiting for the event to start, like in a meetup.

This is not the case, but workouts are on the roadmap and it looks like it’s coming soon

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I was hoping to get an advanced test. LOL

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Working through some things, first test did not go as expected. I will follow up with everyone as I dig into it. Thank you all for volunteering to help and those that tested it out in the past couple days.


Hi all, I was on a much needed holiday with my family but I am back. I will be reaching out individually to do another test of rubberbanding to those I messaged.

If you are someone who wants to test this out and I did not reach out directly, please send a PM.


Hey Eddy

I can test on upcoming event first sunday. First i have to wait if someone joins the ride. Not allways time suits for members. But if we will be more members on the ride I’ll let you know. And we can test:)