Zwift Clubs - dead in the water?

@Ryan_Scannell is Zwift Clubs put out to pasture? Eddy is gone, and we’ve gone from steady but consistent progress month on month to stagnation. Club workouts, critical functionality this time of year, is restricted to the same few workouts. The web and companion app event management functionality are not in sync, and changes to one breaks the other. Keep everyone together doesn’t work. There’s so much potential with Clubs, it would be great to get it back on track.

What’s going on?

As excited as I was for them to come out I’m also finding the current iteration almost useless. The limited workout and event management have made them pretty much useless for my purposes. Meetups still work better for most cases.

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still waiting to make much use of clubs. it could be a great communication tool but is unusable in it’s current state. Like lots of things at Zwift have stagnated is quite frustrating when there is so much potential


Absolutely agree with this. What was said to be work in progress back in June was completely ignored in the Clubs ‘update’ last month. Such a shame.

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Hey all - your comments are noted and on-target.

I’m discussing this with the team and hope to revive these Clubs updates.