Clubs Update: Dec 2023

Hi Zwifters,

I’m back with some exciting updates for you all.

Recent developments from the team :hammer_and_wrench:

New Running Group Workouts :bar_chart:

We have added 20 running workouts to the template library, including many Zwifter favourites that cover a variety of sessions.

Under 60 minutes :clock12: 10 new workouts


Under 30 minutes :clock1230: 10 new workouts


Club-specific Notification Controls :control_knobs:

You now can control the notifications from your clubs, selecting the ones you wish to receive updates from and opting out of those you prefer not to hear from. This customization allows you to personalize your club experience, ensuring you stay connected to the events and significant moments of the clubs you engage with most.


Keep Everyone Together :link:

In club group rides, you can activate the ‘keep everyone together’ setting, ensuring that all participants remain nearby, irrespective of their power output. This feature is valuable for groups with diverse power levels, allowing each rider to pedal at their pace while preserving the social benefits of cycling together as a group.

:warning: Please note: for ‘keep everyone together’ to be ON, ‘event results’ needs to be OFF.


Ride On! :+1:

Thanks for this update, a lot of folks have been waiting for a clubs update for some time! Are you able to give any insight into what might be next for clubs too?


Noticed the club notifications changes the other day.

Finally get to have notifications re-enabled, so happy for that to have finally come for sure!

Any word on when clubs will get Climb Portal group rides?

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It would be great if we could get a small idea of whether and how the club functions will continue

Thats good. any chance name tagging would be coming to notifications? I’m still reluctant to make any use of club chat as it will just spam riders and they’ll turn off notifications.

Would be great if we had the option to tag everyone or named people and have a setting to mute notifcations either.

Thanks for this! I am thrilled to see the Clubs area getting some attention!!