Clubs - Coming Soon!

@Wes @xflintx @Mark_Cote How does one get on the early access list? :wink: This is going to make a world of difference for me, both with Socks4Watts and my IRL club.


Million dollar question, Do races now start in Pens or is the race finishing point the same place for everyone, as without that it still makes it difficult to justify using Meet ups, especially when group workout is still a number of months down the line.

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Looking at the media releases, I believe the events are pretty much identical to meetups ups for now - unless you have the ability to organise approved public events as some do today.

Even if it is just for meetups, it would improve things massively for me. Arranging meetups manually each week is an absolute pain.

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Looks to be good thought put into it, and with recent job ads activity, more to come. Despite the “more races” put on by Zwift, this will be the fix for the timezones where no-one puts on decent events (kiwi’s sadly catered for in the 6-8pm timeslot). Devil is in the detail of course, but great start (when it finally hits). Cant wait.

Is it mentioned anywhere how many clubs you can be a part of, or limit to how many you can create? Are there any individual limits?

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The only limit I’ve seen referenced is you must be level 20 to create a club. I am sure there is a limit to how many clubs you can create, but I’ve not seen it.

I assume when a ‘public published’ event is created, it is assigned to a particular club thus opening up more configuration options versus what is essentially meetups.

What if someone already with access has taken the name of your group already (and they are totally unrelated)? Asking for the group I ride with.

Surely clubs within Zwift should correspond with the existing Zwift power clubs or have they massively missed the boat here?

Surely that’s an obvious link?


Good point. Let’s hope that link is made.

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Boats have already sailed so no need to worry about missing them.


Hi All!

Just introducing myself, I am product manager here at Zwift leading the clubs initiative. Going to attempt to answer all your questions here.

How do you get early access on the clubs list?

We are currently identifying who will be a part of the early access. If you are interested in testing and providing feedback, please DM me directly but cannot guarantee anything at this point in time.

Do races now start in the pens?

All club events will start in the pen. Although we are not off officially launching a “club race” event type, you can create a group ride and turn on “event results” which will show you same results at the end of an event as you would see in a race event. Also, I am actively looking into what it will take to launch club race mode given the feedback I’ve seen throughout some comments from the latest press release.

Will there be club limits?

Yes, there will be both limits to the number of clubs you can belong to and how many members can belong to a club. We have not finalized this yet and will be looking at feedback from our early release testing. I will say there has been a lot of thought put into this and internal debate around limits and will provide more details as they come.

What if someone already has taken the name of your group?

Currently, club names will be unique and that is a possibility that someone can claim your club name. We are still figuring out the roll out plan to give fair access to everyone.

Zwift + Zwift Power

The thought of automatically onboarding ZP teams into Zwift clubs was brought up internally but we landed on letting users decide vs. forcing an experience that some may not want. This provides the flexibility for those who want to have the same ZP team + Zwift club. We are also thinking about better ways to integrate Zwift Clubs + ZP teams together but will not be something done on day 1.

Hope this answers some of your questions! We are always open to feedback and encourage to do so.



Thanks Eddy, DM sent. This is already looking better than I was expecting, and is a good foundation for development in the future.

Is there any way to digest race results after the event? Somewhere to view them online for example? (If I read that correctly, they won’t be available on ZwiftPower - but it would be good to digest race results)


Sounds great Eddy, I’ve DMd.
My question is similar to @James_Eastwood about how results work. If not straight away but in time it would be great to see some form of integration into Zwiftpower to allow club events to run in leagues and series with Zwiftpower doing all the work on the points and scoring for those.

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thanks Eddy, great to hear updates and your thoughts. Sounds like you are thinking about the right things,

Send you a DM

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If the race is not on Zwift Power then the race did not happen… LOL


I just hope the limits are quite generous. I can see some very popular clubs being formed already such as Team DIRT who has over 10,000 members on their facebook group. I can already think of at least 10 clubs that I would want to join/create from the local bike shops, local race teams, local and national charities (Bike MS for example), ex pros (Phil Gaimon cookie club for example), current pro teams, etc…


Events still have results on ZP, they don’t have to be marked as ‘races’. The difference here is if there are suddenly way more events, able to be created at will, then the question is whether ZP could keep up even if we wanted it to. And then there’s the question of whether the organiser wants the results published or not - I’m sure there will be many clubs that intentionally want to keep things private. I assume you’ll still be able to get into the results from the Companion app, since the event will be recorded as an activity on your feed. But beyond that, not sure.


I agree with your sentiment Gerrie, ZP is the first place I go to as well after a race to see how well (or bad) I did.

From initial discovery, club events should show up in Zwift Power but we are still testing and validating this. This is a top priority item in my mind and will update as we go through testing.


Yes I guess being overwhelmed is a risk, perhaps if there was a need to manually add them like we currently do for private events, this may cut down on volume a bit.

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Guys we have a keeper here, be nice to Eddy.