Club limitations

Now with clubs going strong, I’m getting quite some invites. The limit of 3 is not bad, but the issue I see is I ha e nog clue who’s in the club that invites me.

Towards the future:
View of who’s running that club that invites you
View of common friends (followers) are in that club
An easy way to swap between clubs, for example 1 tab with the 3 active clubs + 1 tab with passive clubs. Tjis way you don’t really leave a club

I can already see situations where people get mad at one another by not joining there club, …

i’m not sure i agree. The idea of clubs is to build a community like you would in real life so 3 seems reasonable. Maybe they need some sort of follow feature could be an option.


Hi Gordon

Maybe I explained myself in a wrong way
I don’t necessarily want more then 3 clubs, but if I get an invite, i’d like to know from whom and who’s in it (even if it’s it just the people I already follow in zwift

A follow feature sounds like a very good idea :+1:


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yep that makes sense. you can only get an invite from somebody you follow so it would make sense to know who invited

I definitely want to be in more than 3 clubs. It’s pitifully small.

And the limit of 100 people… What are large groups like DIRT supposed to do?


Question is why do the large groups want clubs?

They already have many events. sometimes multiple a day so i see clubs as bringing a bit more of a balance to Zwift user base. The problem to date is that the big clubs suck up a lot of members both social and racing and won’t promote any other clubs events which leads to an unbalanced events calendar. Even Zwift themselves only promote the huge clubs which makes the big bigger.

ideally i’d like to see the limit increased a little maybe 300 would seem reasonable. My angle does come at it more from a racing view so could be a bit biased but i think clubs could be a real benefit if integrated with zp fully

personally i’d like to see a cap on number of public events different groups can have.


Thanks for the feedback regarding limits! I did share our thoughts around club limitations but I’ll repost below. This is really the beginning of the Clubs journey and I can confidently tell you that the limits now will not be what the limits will be in the future. This is something that we will continue to evaluate and change as we learn more.


Ok, I can see some rationale behind limiting it to 100-500 or something.

But on a social level I definitely want to be able to join more than three. I can think of at least three just based in and around my home town, such as my cycling club, my triathlon club and my work social group. That’s even before I add in the virtual groups.


I can’t actually join the Zwift clubs of my IRL clubs, as I’ve hit the 3 limit already.
Plus when can I have club functionality with my junior club? I want to organise virtual rides for the kids I coach.

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Kids are currently restricted from being in a club and Zwift racing league for similar reasons. Somewhat annoying as it’s been known for a few months now but no solution yet.

What you can do is make the junior club yourself to create events then share the events via whatever social media platforms you use. Juniors are not restricted from joining club events only being in a club.

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Just tried that, the link it gives me is broken and doesn’t connect to the event.

that sounds strange, when you created the event have you hit the slider to allow event to be shared to non-club members?

Jim you may have encountered the same issue I did. Eddy answered in a separate post “Club event link not working”.

Likely gonna be awhile. Apparently it’s not because of legal reasons, but just to keep kids safe on the platform.

I am finding the three (3) club limit…limiting. Prior to this beta, I already belong to several of the bigger clubs, and am on ride leader or sweeper lists. Now that my local clubs can form in Zwift, I have no way to join them without abandoning the clubs I am already involved in.

ZwiftHQ, you are forcing users into a choice between clubs they have commitments to from early in Zwift, and the ability to be part of their local IRL clubs now forming in Zwift. This could choke off those IRL clubs getting a foothold with their current membership on the Zwift platform. It really sucks having to tell my local mates “sorry” or my virtual mates “adios”…


Yeah, I had to leave Jarvis, DIRT and WBR to join GPLama’s club, then had to leave that to join BAKPDL in beta.


I presume the current three clubs limit is just for beta and will go away (or at least much higher, then again I’d say 640K^H^H^H^H10 clubs ought to be enough for anyone) in due course.


Just wondering. Why there is plank white page that say acc sept or de gline.? If making a club

Might be that a distinction between Clubs and Teams would’ve been good even this early on. Many Clubs might essentially be a single Team if they race (or do something else where association matters) but others will field dozens of Teams. This distinction might help to design interfaces and interactions — for example Club-level communications might be more broadcast whereas Teams could use a chat, and so on.


Thank you all for the feedback. I will say both the # of clubs and how big a club are not final and will most likely change. We are barely a month in and just went out to 100% this past week so there is a lot that we are learning here at Zwift HQ.

What is this groups expectations around club limits? Both the number of clubs you can join and the number of members a club can have? Also, curious to understand what you are unable to do because of these limits.

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