Club event link not working

I’ve created a club and added members. When I set up a test event and sent out a link, it sends them to a page that says “Oops we can’t find that event”. It exists on my companion app. When I click the link in messenger it gives me, as event organiser the same message and also when I paste it into Chrome. But when I email it to myself and open from there, it opens Companion app just fine. What’s going on?!

During the event creation, you will need to set the event to “Anyone with a link can join” under event settings. You can find a tutorial here.

Anyone accessing the link will also need to be logged in to find the event as well.

Thanks Eddy. I’ve changed it now and will test tomorrow. Seems unhelpfully confusing though. These were club members whom I told by sending an event link. I’d have thought it would work for them by default. Given that there is no notification system (yet?) for creating a new event, the only chance for them to see it exists is by (1) stumbling across it in their companion app or (2) by me telling them. Given that option 2 is more likely, it would be good if I could send them a link that worked for club members only . That way, it prevents them accidentally sending it on to others who I don’t want to join as they’re not in our club.
I like what you are trying to do but until there’s a notification system or the links work better, it has as yet got limited value for me and my IRL club.