Beta Testers Wanted for FutureWorks Clubs [November 2021]

Starting this month, FutureWorks Clubs will begin rolling out, so we’re looking for select Zwift members to participate as beta testers. We’ll be looking for your feedback as you test product stability before it’s upgraded and released globally.

If you’d like to be considered, please fill out this brief form.

The FAQ for FutureWorks Clubs is on our Support Hub. That article will be updated as Clubs evolves over time

If you’re selected, we will notify you by email. Thanks in advance for your interest!

Quick question what is the process if someone already have a club? Can they test it in the existing club or do they need to start a new club.

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Curious whether the club member limit will be increased for larger clubs in the hundreds, the support article says the club is limited to 100 riders, which doesn’t seem like very much.

Hi Gerrie and thanks for the question. To be a part of this beta, it would need to be with a newly created club, not an existing one.

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Hi Oliver - we’ll be gathering feedback as part of the beta process, but through beta, clubs will be limited to 100 members. While there are currently some current clubs that do have over 100 members, the vast majority have less than 100 members.

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In the FAQ it says:

Q: Is there a limit on the number of Clubs I can create or join?
A: In FutureWorks Clubs, you will only be able to create or join one Club.

Does this limitation only apply to new clubs created in this beta or does it include existing, previously created clubs?


Can I still participate if I’m currently an existing club owner/member?

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Same question… a lot of us are were part of the initial roll out but would like to be considered, would that mean we would need form a new team or can we use what we are an owner of already. Most of us I would imagine are part of at least one more club which the QA says you can’t be… Club Jarvis would be a definate for most and then the group ride clubs…

I dont think most of us are (part of a [zwift] club) . That was a very limited roll out to a very limited and exclusive set of users…

Surely it is better to get feedback from a different cross section of club owners who have not already been part of the long running beta projects . This is an opportunity for Zwift to open this up to more varied and wider feedback and I hope they take that up on that basis.


It needs to be both, most long term riders / organisers have invested a lot into the platform and can give valuable feedback through the experience they have.

There is also a need for new blood to give their feedback and opinions so it becomes a balanced response.

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Yes , but only long term riders and organisers who have not already had the opportunity to feedback for the past 2 years plus already , as they already had access to feedback.

This has to be an opportunity to open this to new and different feedback .
I think that is why the question is asked and exclusions set for who have club access already are quite rightly being excluded. I am not sure if you have completed the form yet but it sounds like there are plenty other items that will exclude much of the original invitees anyway.

Perhaps this will get this feature actually delivered out of beta faster . because the fact is the previous beta failed to get a release ready product available to the entire Zwift user community. Giving this to the same beta testers does not seem like good idea to me because it didnt deliver the last time.

This needs to see club features being rolled out in production as soon as possible and not get bogged down in lots of feature needs , all in my opinion of course.


To participate in this beta, it would need to be a new club (meaning you would need to leave your existing club). We understand this will prevent people from wanting to participate in this beta, but that is the feedback we’re also looking for as we finalize the approach for the eventual full rollout.


Thanks for clarifying and confirming what I pretty much guessed. I’m not willing to leave my club at this time as we’re still working to get more Zwifters on board from our local contacts. I will sit tight until the club features are rolled out.


New blood, fresh ideas sounds good. Okay, I can take a backseat and watch the world go by for this😅


How can a junior get access to clubs

Once clubs is publicly released, is there any new information on whether you will be able to join more than one clubs? I know I, and many others would like to join multiple clubs(If the rule about no juniors in clubs is changed).

As we get closer to the launch, the FAQs and other information will be updated to reflect what we’re launching with, including any updates to number of clubs you can join, etc.

Does this mean needing to leave Club Jarvis? (Not that it does anything)


I also had signed up to the Beta but had no response. Meanwhile, a random member of our community got access just now without registering? So a little confused :slight_smile: