Javis Club

As the new application is targeting clubs and club functionality. I was wondering why all existing club owners had not been automatically added to the list of beta testers?

Established clubs will be part of the next rollout after they gather data from the pilot group.


Yes Mike I have read the post. Just thought that existing owners would be first on the list. In addition what criteria is used to define established?

Right now there is not much function in the Clubs right now, so you are not really missing much. I think it’s more of a load test at the moment.

I am sure new features will be rolled out in the future.

Paul, I’m sure your right. But that was not my point.

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How would they even know who those people are? There’s no club functionality within Zwift in order to base such a selection on (Jarvis notwithstanding, and Zwift own that).

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I would start with the list of ride leaders in the ride leaders forum…

OK, but that’s quite different from all existing club owners.

I dare say that there are a fair number of event leaders within the beta tester group, especially for the longest-running Zwift event series.