Club Owners Access

I still don’t have access to clubs features but others in our wider club do. If they create our official club then add me as an owner will I get full admin rights to that club in time or will they always be the main owner? We tried it with a dummy club but despite being a co-owner I am unable to edit club details or even create events. I understand this is because I am not currently on the approved list for rollout, but in time will I be able to get full owner access to take control of the club?

We were told in the beta group that once Clubs was rolled out to everyone, then other members could be owners and edit/create club events. I assume it doesn’t work for you until you get put into the approved group, so it should eventually work for you. Also, you need to be level 20 or more.

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Yeah level 20. I assume it will work as you say but just want to be certain as I would want full owner rights in time, at the moment it’s not just events but also can’t edit any name, colours, logos etc.

Anyone from HQ confirm? @Eddy_Lee ?

You will not get full rights unless you have been enabled. We did our first ramp up to users earlier this week and targeting next Tuesday, January 18th to be the next round. The team is working hard to get everyone access to Clubs so I truly appreciate everyone’s patience.

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Started a club and did our first group ride tonight. We had 8 riders and everyone loved it. Will there be access to the fence option soon or maybe a keep everyone together option like meetups? This would be nice for the social rides.

Would love to get access to the club function but not rolled out yet. Any chance?

Patience @Adrian_Low_HTC, Clubs access is rolling out to all users over the next few weeks.

I was made an owner of an existing club but have no access to setting up club events, etc. Is that all part of the rollout as well? Looking forward to setting up club rides for our local cycling club through the winter. This is a great expansion!

Any word if this 1/18-ish round of access has rolled out yet? Was really hoping to be in this wave

@Mike_Garry_OCBC It is part of the rollout and you will need to be enabled to fully get access. I do apologize for the confusion but we are planning on being available to everyone in the coming weeks so I truly appreciate your patience.

@B_Rad_Hochs_DIRT We just did another rollout this morning to roughly about 10% of all Zwifters (random).

Thank you all for your patience throughout the rollout of Clubs. Ride On!

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Ah I was wondereding how it was being rolled out, I was thinking alphabetically or by user ID. I like random, a bit like my race results😎


Nice one Andy :joy:

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Thanks for the update Eddy.

(I was secretly hoping there was a mechanism to activate users who had previously requested to beta test in the past)


Ha, I was hoping exactly this!

Any idea when the next batch of these activations will roll out?

Next batch went out yesterday Brad. Around 40% of users should have access. Please keep in mind this is by device so you might have access on one vs. another.

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Also check that you don’t have 3 clubs already. You will have to delete some clubs to make space for the new club.

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I waiting for my team club… Please :crossed_fingers:t2:

Does this work on Android devices?