Create Event & Edit Club buttons do not appear

This is a bit odd. I was excited to see the Clubs tab so I created a club and invited a few of my friends. So I am the club owner and the club status page shows me as such,

I wanted to create an Event but I couldn’t see a way of doing that on my iPhone. There was no ‘Create Event’ button as described in the posts and videos I’ve seen about ZClubs.

I have a number of other devices with Companion on it (2x iPhone, 3x iPad to be precise) so took a look at these. In summary:

  • On two iPhones and one iPad, in the Manage menu, I see ‘Announcement’, ‘Roster’ and ‘Leave Club’
  • On two iPads, in the Manage menu, I see ‘Create Event’, ‘Announcement’, ‘Roster’, ‘Edit Club’ and ‘Leave Club’. On these devices, the ‘Create Event’ button is also visible in the Club Events area.

Can Zwift offer any explanation why my access to the event and club editing pages are visible only on two of these five devices? All are running the most recent Companion, obviously.

Hey Zwift, is this acknowledged as an issue? Do you need more from me?
It’s frustrating as on my primary iPhone, I don’t see the Club option to create an event, or manage the club. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling ZC.

Thanks in advance.

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I have exactly the same issue. Seems I can only create an event on the device I set the club up with.

Maybe Zwift is doing the roll out to devices rather than users?

@KevinL I was looking into this with the team and I do apologize for the confusion around this. For context, we are rolling out this functionality by a random percentage which is also done at the device level. Until we get to 100% rollout, there is no guarantee that you will have this available across all devices.

I appreciate your patience as we roll out Clubs but we are hoping to be fully rolled out in the coming weeks.


Thanks Eddy, that makes sense.

Just making sure I understand how this is rolling out…

I currently have a club tab on my device (iphone), but I see no way to create a new club or manage anything. All it shows is my current membership in Club Jarvis.

Is that an expected state? Or should I have access to create/manage if the tab itself is present?

Maybe that answers your qeustion (together with the device level roll out): Club Owners Access - #11 by Eddy_Lee

So even if you are included in the roll out (or will be included next time), it also goes on device level, so if you have an iPhone, an Android device, an iPad, it is liely you’ll see Club “controls” only on one of these.

The rollout specifically enables you to do two things:

  • Create a club if you are eligible
  • Create / edit club events if you are an owner

If you haven’t been enabled yet, you will still be able to:

  • Access the clubs tab and join a club
  • Ability to do everything outside of the two points I mentioned above

The rollout is currently happening by a random percentage based on your device. As @Andras_Beck , if you have multiple devices you might have access on one vs. another.