Manage My Event from web

Any idea why I cannot manage my club events from the web? Thanks.

Zwift took that option away a few months ago, I think it had something to do with how club events are different than public events and it was causing issues?

Hi Riki,

We had to separate club events (private) from public events which both use essentially the same platform.

You can only edit Club events on companion and public ones on web currently.

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Not for everyone. I could still edit my club events on the web up to now. I don’t quite understand why it was necessary to remove that feature but there are probably sound reasons. Anyway, it is/was way easier to use the web interface than the ZC interface…


I was able to access it via web few days back, but now its gone. It is not working for both public and private events. I think managing events via web is great as companion tool does not give you many features as the web has such as adding more people in Leader and Sweeper list, changing target pace, putting up the fence, and etc.

you can do it on the web…i was suprised at first as well.
You can edit Public and Private events…you need to be Login and you enter the public events calendar and on the top you have MANAGE MY EVENTS…all events in your club calendar can be edit. Ride On

Companion app isn’t good for editing events… When you add/edit the description of the event it is saved under every PEN Description and if it’s really long it looks really annoying.
There are also routes missing in selection and you can’t change a start time for multiple PENS…and i’m sure i forgot something :smiley:

This is what I did previously. But somehow I am not able to do it anymore. I think for some reasons Zwift start to remove it from everyone. Some people could still have it.

Just trying to understand why Zwift removing this great features, and if there is some kind of exceptions to get it or how to get it.

This is because we are separating how you can edit private events and how you edit public events, due to their using the same platform.

It was causing a couple of difficulties which is why we have separated them.

Personally, I far preferred editing events on the website.