Have access to Club pages in browsers

Really need a link in the drop menu so people can access the club page and admins can work on from a web browser rather than the phone apps.

The whole event management toolkit needs aligned between companion and website.

Right now I think clubs only have access via companion except those clubs that were clubs before the latest release

Ironically, I’ve been asking for the opposite for public events: they took away our ability to change event settings via the Companion App, effectively preventing changes on the move (which I am pretty much all the time).

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I used my mobile device 's Google app to browse the Zwift.com page as a desktop view.

Though less convenient than a desktop, I could still get the event tweaks done on the go.

Phone screen is too small and still as fiddly as on the desktop, just with added difficulty. And I’m not buying those ridiculous iPad-sized phones! :grimacing:

Btw I am using a Samsung Note9 which has a stylus but the screen is big enough for my fat fingers :rofl:

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