My Zwift Club is not shown/selectable in

I am owner of a club and can create events in the companion app but I am not able to see my club while beeing logged in in zwift_com. Pasting in the event link lets me edit any parameter of the event but not edit any club feature.

Any idea to overcome this?

Hi @Pit_C_RVST, welcome to the forums.

Club events aren’t able to be edited or created on the website interface, you must use the companion app. This is by design. Prior to clubs being rolled out to all users only event organizers had access to the website to edit their events. This was disabled for most all users when clubs was rolled out.

Hi Mike,
thanks for your quick reply.

I am confused by your answer because I am well able to edit my newly created club event after entering the event number (www _ zwift-com / [events/view/3155565]). On this page I see the club menu showing “Home”, “Members (31)” and “Configure”
On the web I have much more options than with the companion app. Eg the fence mode configuration.
Should this have been disabled too?

On the website there is an option to show “my clubs”. This is empty.

Please have a look at the attached screenshots.

Many thanks in advance

Please see the response from Zwift staff in the thread below.

So there is at least no more fence for club events.