Club URL?


How can club owners get the direct URL to make updates in a web browser? I’m not referring to updates made via companion app or the link to share the club with other Zwifters.

Whenever I paste the link into my browser, the configuration screen appears briefly and then disappears asking if I want to leave the club. I have this for another club I help manage before the Clubs feature was rolled out to all, so I’m looking for the same for a local club I created since then. Need to make a small event tweak that can’t be done via companion app.

Will I need to contact Zwift directly? I tried different variations of The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App and no luck.


I think this doesn’t work for everyone, and I’m not sure why. But it works for me :person_shrugging:

Once you create an event in the Comp App, Share the link for that event–just copy the link using the Share Event button. Then paste that link into a web browser. If you’re one of the luck ones, you’ll get a screen to edit that particular event.

Note that the web browser edit screen has more options than the Comp App screen. If you make changes there, and then make changes later in the Comp App, it will reset all the changes you made in the browser screen, and you’ll have to do it again.

@Tom_J this worked. There was a small pencil icon I almost missed when the page first loaded. Clicked on it and then saw the edit options.

Thank you!

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No problem, happy it worked. I forgot to mention the tiny Edit button, glad you found it :smiley:

Don’t edit club events in the browser. It’s not designed to be edited this way and those additional options aren’t meant to be applied to club events. So strange things may well happen if you try.

Fair warning. :slight_smile: They’ve worked for me when I’ve tried them (although of course the Rubberband sucks horribly…but it did ‘work’ as programmed when I activated it this way).

Thanks for the heads up! We only edited one ride so far. Personally I’m not a proponent of the band and remind members they need to learn how to work to stay together as they won’t have this luxury IRL. I refuse to enable it on rides I lead - and they keep asking in hopes I’ll relent :slight_smile:

Word from Slack is, iirc, that they’re working to get Keep Together (like in Meetups) functioning for Clubs too. Would be big if so.