No permission to edit clubs in browser

Any idea why i don´t have the permission to edit my own club settings within browser?

I could be wrong but I think clubs can only be edited through the companion app. Apart from those that already had event access also can do it through the website.

@Ryan_Scannell any idea?

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@Gordon_Rhino-Racing is right, unless you have event leader access you have to use the companion app.


Yes, that’s correct. By default, all clubs are managed through the Zwift Companion app.

The web editing tool is for event organisers with public events to manage.


thanks, looking forward to the update.

really hoping for an update to the chat functionality to control notifications so we can start engaging with club riders. I’m reluctant to use clubs as a form of communication as it’s likely people will just mute with the constant notifications.

We need notifications for announcements, notifications for chat and notifications for chat when tagged with them all to be user configurable whether they are push or not

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I would also add that these notifications can be set per club, as some are busier than others. I don’t need to see all the chat from the huge ZwiftInsider club, but would like to see it from my small local bike shop club for example.

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yep exactly how i’d set things up as well.

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