New Clubs Feature: Members Only Events

Good afternoon Jarvis Members, we are enabling a new feature for you to help us test out.

Members Only Club Events are events that can only be seen and joined by people in the club. Easy right? These events do not appear on the public event calendar on the web, in Zwift Companion or in the game. You will only see them if you are member of the club hosting the event.

I’ve put 3 events on the calendar for the upcoming Friday, Sunday and Monday to hopefully include as many Jarvis members as I can (timezones permitting). I’ll be leading these rides personally and I’ll also be in discord chatting with other club members.

So how do you signup for these events … just like you always do, BUT right now you’ll only see them in the Club Jarvis event list. So jump into Zwift Companion, go into Club Jarvis and open up the full events list to find the Club Jarvs Members Only Ride #1, 2 or 3.

Once you’ve signed up, things will work exactly like they do for any other event you’ve been to on Zwift. :ride_on:

Yup looks good in the events section of Club Jarvis. Pretty SOP stuff as explained.

On android Zwift Companion (samsung s8) I see these events in the public events as well as the club events
Would upload a screen shot but not working with Win10/IE11

OK here it is, drag drop worked upload button not working

Thanks @Neville_Jeans, the android app is using the newest endpoint for events so it is getting everything you are eligible to join (including Members Only events). You’re seeing the desired behavior already. It hasn’t made it to the iOS version just yet so iOS users will not see the item in the main list for now. :ride_on:

Ok that was easy.

One thing, After joining a Club event it does not show on the Main companion app page where regular events show as a reminder.

It will be nice to see the Club events you joined there as well so you don’t forget.


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My reading of the initial paragraph is that I shouldn’t see it in any public feed, only in the club activities feed, but if it’s working as planned on Android then all good

Club rides are not UK friendly. Always morning, mid afternoon or late at night when i’m either at work or sleeping. How about 1 or 2 between 5 and 8pm, UK time?

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