Club activities feed

Is there a delay in activities being featured on the club feed?

I just did a short test ride on Watopia. It appears on my own activity feed, but not in the club one.

Further to this, I’ve seen one new activity come in from Harry Roberts (about 7 minutes ago), but the most recent one before that was Wes, 7 hours ago.

Swiping down on the members page cause a network error.

Android 10

@Daren did you remember to select “Club Jarvis” from the Active Club dropdown?

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As far as I recall, Club Jarvis was pre-selected. I expanded the drop down just to look, but I didn’t make a selection as far as I recall. It was the only Club visible, and I’m not sure whether there was an empty option.

If I inadvertently selected a “no club” option, it wasn’t deliberate.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

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Ok I checked on my iPad. There is a *None" option. But I’m fairly sure I didn’t select it.

When I’m back on my PC tomorrow I’ll try to recreate what I think I did.

As far as I know there’s no secondary confirmation that an activity if going to the right place. If None is selected, it might be worth adding that.

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Correct, no confirmation. Choose wisely my friend. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m puzzled.

When I started Zwift, Club Jarvis was selected (rather than “None”). I opened and closed the selection as I did last night, still with Club Jarvis selected.

The ride I just did showed up no problem.

I guess it was a transient glitch. Maybe the database will show I had “None” selected, but if I did it was a UI choice, not one I made deliberately.

How are the rides in the feed sorted? It doesn’t look like they are in chronological order as there could be a ride an hour ago listed before a ride 15 seconds ago (it seems fairly random). I completed a ride and scrolled and scrolled but did not see my ride under the “Members” tab but it was listed under the “Just Me” tab.

Sorting can be a bit odd, it’s based on activity start time. Based on the length of the ride, it may mean that ride shows up in a place that doesn’t make chronological sense.

This is the same for the normal non-club activity feed as well. It’s something we’re considering how to address. :ride_on:

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@Wes no club selection for run, correct?

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That is correct. Run clubs will function just like cycling clubs so we’re focusing on cycling for Club Jarvis for now.


Today I encounterd the same glitch. I am 100% sure I did not change my club setting. First two rides were as default for Club Jarvis. Did no changes just jumped on the bike, selected Watopia and joined the event (Haute Route Watopia Stage 3). I saw a lot of other club members rode it and were displayed in the club events. So it was not related to the event. Can it be connection related? The WiFi signal was good enough, but not as strong as usual.

Update 20200406: Still tired from the stages of Haute Route Watopia, I started Zwift today with no intention to exercise, just to check if Club Jarvis was still selected as default and it was. So yesterday something went wrong at the server side in my opinion.

Club was pre selected the first 2 days, this morning “no club” was selected. I tried to select Jarvis from the dropdown but it didn’t work, tried several times, no go.
I’m using an Apple TV 4k.

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My last activity yesterday (Haute Route stage 3) never updated into club total. I noticed a number of bugs with this session yesterday, from the companion app to Strava segments. This one only applies to club though.

Hey everyone, if you have an activity that did not properly appear in the CLUB feed, please go to and find the URL to that activity and send it to me in this thread.

Here’s an example of the URL we’re looking for:


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This is the one I think didn’t appear in the Club feed when it should have (as cited in the OP):

This is one ride, that didn’t appear for me in the club ride:


This is the link to my event that did not properly appear in the CLUB feed:
Hope you can track down the issue. :ride_on:

WesZwift Staff
For the beta test should we open separate topics for bugs? I may be wrong but some strings seem to contain multiple issues.

Also, I think we should find a way to keep future requests separate from getting this thing ready for prime time.

And finally, we need to police ourselves, here. If ZHQ has to assign a full-time staffer just to organize our posts, that’s an asset not available to accomplish the task.

Creating a new topic in this category for a new bug/issue/question is certainly ideal. I helps us keep track of individual items. :ride_on: