Welcome Club Jarvis Members!

Welcome Club Jarvis Members,

Over the last five years, Zwifters have been self-organizing events and groups to connect and get fit together. Today, there are hundreds of groups in the mix, with many of them hosting weekly events for members to ride, race, train, and run in unity.

Zwift Clubs launches today, and we’re excited to offer you an exclusive invitation to test this innovation and share your feedback.

Clubs enable your group to stay closer and level up over time. We’ve cooked up a whole new set of tools to do just that, with more features rolling out soon. Join the testing party and help us shape the future of Clubs!

How do I join Zwift Clubs?
As a select group of original Zwift beta testers, you’re already on the invite list. Invites will go out gradually as we ramp up the system and validate its readiness. Your invite will appear in Zwift Companion, so make sure you have the latest app version installed. Your invite is for you only. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant additional access to others.

What is FutureWorks?
FutureWorks is our own ideation lab that kicked off last year with the Mountain Bike Steering course. The feedback we gained from the tens of thousands of Zwifters was amazingly helpful in evolving steering. We’re releasing Zwift Clubs under FutureWorks to build and improve the feature before it’s shared out to the entire community.

I’ll skip the Club.
If you’d rather not use Zwift Clubs, no problem. When you receive the invite in Zwift Companion, simply decline. We’ll miss you, but we understand.

Zwift Clubs marks the start of something fantastic for the community, and our team is thrilled to hear your feedback.

Ride On.
Wes and the Clubs Team at Zwift

Zwift picked an exclusive club for everyone who rode Jarvis Island. Good idea. It will be interesting to see how many original Zwifters chime in.

A Zwift Academy Club for graduates could be next.


Excited to see the continued evolution and as an early Jarvis fan (ID 45) I continued to be amazed at what ya’ll are churning out.


ID 45!!! :ride_on::ride_on::ride_on:


What ID45 so cool.


And I thought my Strava ID was (relatively) low! :smiley:

(11826, since you asked. Which isn’t very low, but is lower than my Zwift one, and a lot lower than the high millions they’re up to now! :D)

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This is cool functionality!

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ID 400 series here from Wave 5 of Beta Users. Still in awe to see the double digit members. :+1: :+1:


Ok, we are playing ID Top trumps? :crazy_face: ID19 here and signed up to the club. Love Zwift. :+1:


ID643 here☺ this feature sounds very cool!! Can’t wait to see how it works!
Stay safe and healthy everyone! :muscle::mask:


para cuando disponible?

You need to make sure your Zwift Companion App is up to date and within the notifications your will see the invite.


version 3.12.0(1017)

When did you join Zwift?

Enero de 2019 aproximadamente

Ah, ok the Clubs Feature is just for early Zwift Beta Testers that joined way back in 2015 for now.


oh!! muchas gracias! estaria encantado de participar en algun evento, (JESUS ROSADO)

ID380! Thanks for the invite to the club. Hoping to get a ride down memory lane on Jarvis Ilse again sometime!


how do you find your ID?

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