Ongoing update on invites

I know people are anxious to get into Club Jarvis and original Beta users are asking “where’s my invite Wes??” :slight_smile: So here’s a quick update:

Invites are being sent out in waves, a couple thousand a day right now. Today we hope to make it up to profile IDs in the 14,000-15,000 range. If your profile ID is above that, please hang tight while we get to your profile in a subsequent wave.

I’ll keep updating this thread as more waves go out. Thanks to everyone for your patience and excitement about Zwift Clubs. :ride_on:

Just got word from the server team and they are sending out even more invites later today. That should take into profile IDs in the 21,000 range. Keep an eye out in ZC for your invite! :ride_on:


We’ve sent out a few more waves of invites, taking us up to the 38,000 profile ID range. We are now more than halfway through the invite waves and if all goes to plan, all invites will be delivered by early next week (likely Tuesday). :ride_on:


Is there any chance that I will receive an invite with an ID number 190756?

Best regards Arild

I think it’s going to be about 56,000 for the test.

Didnt realize what the Team Jarvis invite was when it popped in my Companion and declined ( used to know a guy called Jarvis and was not wanting to join his club). I could not find a way to bring the invite back. Can someone send again? It sounds cool. The Beta was a good time. Cheers, Geoff

Sent you another invite @Geoff_Cooper_Sklar_M :ride_on:

I received an email, confirming that I would be invited to Zwift Clubs. I am really happy about this, since that would allow me to do a lot of things that I train and for people that follow my podcast (Broom Wagon). However I haven’t received anything through the Zwift companion. Is it just a matter of time, or something went wrong/I pressed something wrong without willing to? Thanks for the support

You’ll be in one of the later waves @Simon_Gergolet … look for the invite in Zwift Companion sometime next week.

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Good news Club Jarvis members, all invite waves are now COMPLETED. Please check your Zwift Companion app for the invite and join up.

IF you happen to have declined the invite but realize now that you want in, let me know in this thread and I’ll re-invite you. (Not however if I get 100’s of requests for re-invites, I’ll likely have to stop offering it since I have lots of other great Club specific stuff to work on :slight_smile: )