Declining multiple Zwift club invitations

After declining an invitation for a particular Zwift club in the Companion App because I’m not interested in that club, I continually get frequent “join” requests for that same club. I don’t mind receiving invitations for various Zwift clubs, but after I’ve declined the invitation once it’s annoying to continue to frequently recieve them for the same club. Is there some Companion App option I can set to remedy this or is this being looked into?

No. Report the club to Zwift support. I have a guess which one it might be, and Zwift have probably heard about it… a lot


@Chris_Cru_Jones Is there a possible fix for this happening? Have a friend who is getting almost daily invites from one particular club, it’s starting to annoy him.

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@dcyclist We are for sure working on it.

You can send me a DM with the club name.

Some more background:
You can only send an invite if you are an owner or a moderator of a club. So if you follow multiple members of that club in a leadership role, they each may be sending you an invite. One solution (not ideal I will fully admit but reality) you could remove them as a follower…

You can see who is the owner/moderator of the club by clicking the profile pic circles at the top right inside the club page on ZC.

Thanks all