Stop repeated club invites from the same club

I am currently getting repeated club invites from certain clubs. No matter how many times i decline their invite I get another a few days later. Can it be developed that a zwift user can only be sent one invite for a club and following a decline to the invite they won’t get another from the same club?

It’s probably not as simple as that.

I can see it now:

Club manager: Hey, I invited you to the club on Zwift, don’t forget to accept
RL member: Ah! Yeah, I accidentally declined it, can you re-send?
Club manager: Sure!

Club manager: Um, nope. Zwift only let you send one invitation to someone ever

It’d probably be better to be able to block/ignore the club rather than a system-wide limitation on one invitation per user per club.

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That could be factored into any solution.

I would on an invite you have the option to accept, decline or ‘decline and block’

Then if you did decide you wanted another invite you could go to the club on companion which could show an unlock option…


In lieu of a “Decline and Block” option, the workaround I’ve found is to unfollow the Club Manager, or whoever is running the club, on ZC.

Seems to have done the trick for at least 2 clubs that have been sending me repeated invites (oh I wish I was that popular :grin:)


if you wanted to join at a later date you could always find the club and join but yes, a decline and block option would also solve the issue.

Zwift folks on these forums have said they are looking into a couple of teams they have been getting a lot of reports from about this. You can send a DM to report them.

Yes. It is definitely annoying.
Especially Team Italy where I cant nearly daily invites. Contacted support, nothing happened. Attended the club and wrote in the club chat asking to stop future invites. Didn’t help.

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