New Club - How to Invite members

Hi, I’ve just created a Club for our Cycling Club, but cannot see how to invite our IRL Club members. I’ve set the club up as membership by invitation.
Can anyone help?

If you go into the Club on Zwift Companion, there should be an option to see the club Roster, and you can invite people from there. On Android the menu is at top-right.

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Same question. I don’t see any link or invite options.

On Android, click the person icon in the top right on the roster screen

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So only my followers can join the club. I can’t really invite people I follow,

nope and that’s a good thing or people would be spamming out invites all over the place.

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We wanted to add barriers for potential bad actors wanting to leveraging our system for an avenue of spam. Anyone you want to invite to your club will need to be following you.

Does anyone have opinions on how they would expect this to work? Happy to collect feedback on how we can improve this.

it was mentioned in another thread but it would be nice to know who from the club invited you with maybe a brief description of who/what the club is. people have hundreds or thousands of followers it can be hard to know what it is all about when a random club invite pops up


Looks like I’ll need to post around our IRL Club members and get HRM to follow me first. I appreciate why Zwift didn’t want club leaders to swamp the system with spam like invites.
Can a Club have more than one Administrator/Leader? Or could club members invite their followers?

Being able to join a club directly with a magic link would certainly be more convenient than getting everybody to follow you (possibly subject to approval) and then add them to the club one by one. If you have an IRL club you want to replicate, you’ll probably end up doing this off and on for months…


Yes a magic link, or being able to search for a club and request to become a member. It is easy enough for admins to filter out if necessary.


Anna and James have already said this, but a link to follow would seem essential to me.

If I create a Zwift Club for my local cycling club for example, the process to enable members to join might be something like:

  • communicate the process to club members
  • club member searches for me on Zwift and follows me
  • club member sends me a message asking to be invited
  • I check to see if the person is a member of our club
  • I send invitation
  • club member joins Zwift Club
  • club member can then unfollow me on Zwift;


  • send magic link to club members to join
  • club member clicks link
  • club owner/admin approves request

Admittedly, the latter might still require some verification of who has clicked the link, depending on how secure clubs keep them or how often they expire and need to be regenerated. But overall it seems a smoother process; especially when first setting a Club up when lots of people might want to join at once.


A link, certainly, would help.

As club owner(s), being able to “close” the link and genetate a new one in case it’s being abused or spammed would be good, perhaps?

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new links gets a bit messy. maybe just have an open to open/close clubs for new members then have an in app approval process so new members need approved by admin/moderator first

On clubs. How can club owner know hows how when people can change theyr avatar name?


I cannot create a club with our corporate name the message is “name must apply to community standards” That makes sense to keep riders from randomly selecting a trademarked brands name. Is there a place we can submit and verify affiliation to the company to start a corporate zwift club?


Search function doesn’t seem to show all my friends to invite them

Your friends have to be following you for you to invite them. Please let me know your thoughts on this, but our intent was to reduce the ability for people to follow and spam other Zwifters.

This is too cumbersome. We need to post a club join link in our Strava or FB club page.

I completely agree, this is something we have been actively working on in the last 2 months. Beyond just sharing a link and join on web, you will soon be able to search and filter Clubs in ZC.

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