Abc green 123

Over the past month I’ve been asked to join the ABC GREEN 123 club at least 27 times. I’ve submitted numerous screenshots of my notifications showing multiple club invites from them within the same hour, and I have used “report club” almost every time I decline the invitation. Is anyone else enduring this agony? Is there anyway I can decline “all future invites” from a club?

I’m afraid there’s no setting for that.

It depends on if you’re interested in any future clubs or not.

If not just turn of the setting that informs you of invites.
You can still manually check by gong into your notifications to see if other clubs have invited you.

Alternatively join the club but turn off notifications for chat & events & you’ll not hear from them. This is what i do as 99 times out of 100 I’ve no interest in the events & chat.

You could join then put a message saying to never contact you again, then leave.

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Thx @10K.Every.Day.In.23 - how your challenge going? Hope all is well and you’re still putting one foot in-front off the other - “relentless forward momentum”!

All is good thanks. I get the odd day where my legs feel heavy but in the main no problem.

The key is discipline, making sure i keep the pace at a comfortable rate and not get drawn into a race with others.

I’ve done that a couple of times and then had a niggle for a week.
Changing trainers regularly to. I’ve 5 pairs on the go that I’m rotating through.

I’m just a normal guy with no endurance athlete background who came up with a crazy idea to test himself and I’m still here.

I’m here every day so feel free to join me.

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Outstanding @10K.Every.Day.In.23 - unfortunately your event is scheduled for 3:00 AM my time so, as much as I would like to support your efforts by running a 10k with you here and there; maybe I’ll just keep offering words of encouragement :wink:

I’ll take that thanks.

Keep watching though as the number of events may expand & i might start running in your time zone.

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