Why must I decline Cryo-Gen group invitation daily?

Nothing against the “Cryo-Gen” club, but I don’t need to join another group. I bet I have declined Companion App invitations to join this group 4 dozen times. And each day a new invitation pops up. Is there a way to stop this? Again, may be a fine club; I just don’t have any interest.

i don’t know them personally, but it seems like they have a website with a contact form. Contact Us | CRYO-GEN Competitive Riders Young & Old

if it were me getting the unsolicited requests, i would send them an email a polite request to be left alone. not that i think you should have to do that in the first place, but it’s something.

i dont know them either, they probably don’t mean any harm. i appreciate that it’s a hassle for you to have to do that all the same

Had something similar (with another club) as well.

If I remember correctly those invites come from a person. So accept, find person and block him, leave a message in the chat to not invite you, and leave club.

This worked for me

I think if you just don’t accept it, it remains as pending and you won’t get re-invited so basically just ignore it.

I do have something against clubs like this. They need to stop harassing people.

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I just leave them in my pending; but I completely agree with the sentiment.

It makes sense to be able to invite folks to team / private clubs; but public clubs should NOT be able to send invites by the masses.

Taken care of.