Moderator role clarification

I am a club moderator however cannot accept requests to join the club. I did not think this was an issue until I read the following:

Is this above description true and I should be able to accept requests?

You should be able to accept requests to join. Right now, there is only the ability invite members and others cannot “request to join” your club yet. This is something we are actively working on with the ability to search and join a club.


Thanks for responding and the clarification, maybe I am misunderstanding something as these are the only options I have:

These were invites you (or another moderator or owner) sent to other Zwifters but not have yet accepted or declined the invite.

Withdrawing invitation will rescind / remove the invitation and the person will no longer be able to accept or deny the invitation.

Ban Zwifter will block this individual from being able to join or invited the club in the future unless they are unbanned.

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Yes it would have been the club owner that sent out the invite.

Would that be the reason why I have no option to accept the request?

Ah got it (sorry being slow), makes sense now. I had it in my mind they were invitations to join and they needed to be accepted or rejected.