Club Jarvis - Week 3 Update

Good morning Club Jarvis Members,

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the state of Club Jarvis and what we hope to bring in the very near future:

For those who are not in the club, here are the stats for the club so far. Absolutely HUGE numbers from the club.

Here are a few more interesting stats about the Club:

  • Over 6,100 Zwifters have accepted their invite to Club Jarvis
  • Over 25,000 rides have been ridden for the club
  • The Club Jarvis page in Zwift Companion has been visited over half a million times.

And that’s just in two weeks. :ride_on:

Here are two key features we are working on for Club Jarvis for a future update:

  • Members only rides. These are rides that you can only see and join if you’re a member of the club. Think of them as the middle ground between meetups and public events. They will behave just like regular events, just limited to club members.
  • More Communication options. We feel Zwift Clubs are not only where people ride and run together, but also where they communicate. We went Zwifters to be able to coordinate, collaborate and celebrate with their Club members from within the Club itself.

Please keep posting your feedback, questions and suggestions in this forum.

I was a beta rider from 2015 (ID 4789) but I haven’t received my invite, can I contact anyone to receive invitation ?

Check your Zwift Companion app now, you should see the invite. :ride_on:

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Sounds saucy. :wink:

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Doh, fixed!

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Great, thank you Wes.

anyway I could get an invite? purty please with sugar on top…

Will there more club rides on the Jarvis page? Also would be good to have some kind of club badge on the name tags or somewhere within the hud perhaps?

The Club Race on Crit City was amazing. Cancelled my (training) plans for that day and went for it. Supernice to be able to create races for members. Event creation for members only (and in-game exclusion of other riders) is the thing I am hoping the most that will be implemented. It would mean also to have a leaderboard at the end of the race, so there are no doubts in the results (like now, if you do “home made races” with meetups)

@Andy_Hector_D yes there will be A LOT more clubs than Club Jarvis. Club Jarvis is basically our first club to test/validate the system. I suspect we will have hundreds of clubs once we roll Clubs out to all the groups already organized within Zwift (almost all organize around events they host).

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Thanks for replying, I was meaning if there will be more events within the Jarvis club?

Yes there will be some Club Jarvis exclusive rides soon as well, one likely on Friday. I wanna do a social ride with the club as the first ever Members Only club ride. I’ll need to do a few over the next week however due to time zones and such. :ride_on:


I accidentally declined. Any chance I can get invited again?


Reinvited, reload ZC to see it.

Hi Wes!
How about organized groups which doesn’t have Zwift Events at the moment? We grew big enough this year with Zwift Hungary Fb group to start thinking about “official calendar events” for next winter. However, the Club feature would mean for us to bring in more Zwift HUngary members for Club only rides. Also, Club rides would replace Club MeetUps for us, which is…A strain on the system to organize a few times a week via Fb events, folloing each other and such.

My question in short: when can we expect to be able to organize our own Club with Zwift Hungary ? Is there a form/request we should fill?


My stats aren’t feeding through properly. I’ve risen 131km this week yet it still says zero. I’ve accepted my invite and everything so not sure why it’s not coming through.
Any feedback would be great.

Could you please add me to the invitation for club Jarvis? My email on zwift is [email redacted for privacy]
Thank you Wes!

You have to select the club from the UI screen at the bottom. I noticed mine had no club selected and had to manually select Jarvis (which was a flipping nightmare to do on ATV)

A club ride at a time when a working Australian could join in would be great. Please. :slight_smile: 9.20pm is too late and so is 7.30am. (AEST)

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HI Wes, I removed myself from Club Jarvis by accident. Would it be possible to get another invite? Thank you so much :pray:!