Experimental Event Modes incoming

Hey Jarvis Members,

Just a quick heads up that in the coming week (:crossed_fingers:) I’ll be posting a few members only events to get your feedback on some event modes we’re testing out.

To make the most of the testing, please be sure to join our Club Jarvis discord channel.

Good news Wes.

Looking forward to another Club ride.

:joy:I assume your Discord work now. LOL :rofl:

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Haha yes, the discord failure was my own fault. I disabled the mic in privacy for Discord at some point recently and forgot about it. I figured it out late in the ride. :slight_smile:



Might it be possible to ride with no UI on she screen at all but data feed on the phone App?

I ride with a projector showing Zwift bigger than life on a full wall… I would love to have that open and free with no UI while the app gave me the data for a glance down…


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