Boost Mode Race Testing (and feedback) May 6th-8th

Look for some mysterious FutureWorks events in the Club Jarvis Members Only event feed this week. :wink:

[Note: It is recomended that Apple TV users use Zwift Companion for this ride]

I see what you are doing. :sunglasses:

And yes it’s totally OK to stream this event, nothing about the event is under embargo or any NDA. This is FutureWorks. :slight_smile:


I don’t really want to test a feature that I’m completely opposed to. I was hoping races would get more realistic, not less.

Watched a stream, it looked great fun! Please allow keyboard shortcuts for [C]harge and [B]oost. :crossed_fingers:


Vod of the A race below. That was fun. Main feedback is I would like keyboard shortcuts and maybe a no-boost option to ride straight up no boost or weight penalty. Testing on different course would be good too. This course was pretty easy to predict boost usage. Overall it is a pretty strong thumbs up from me. Fun and different but not so different it takes away from the basics of racing.

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Wow, it was more fun than I thought it could be.

The timing of the boost and planning when to charge made it fun.

Keyboard buttons for the charge and boost. It can be one button because you only charge or boost.

I think it would have been a better test if different Categories did not see each other.

It was FUN.
RIDE ON :ride_on:

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Was a good race Gerrie. I lost you early doors and wasn’t getting back! :smiley:

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You’d need separate buttons because when there’s partial charges you can charge some more or let the boost go.


Really liked it​:+1: Now we only see who use the battery, maybe it’s interesting to see who is charging too?:wink:

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Hmm the word fun is not what I would use for this! Good test though! Although I really didn’t understand how to use the boost mode. I just pretended I did by pressing the battery, etc! :slight_smile: I am only glad I didn’t come last! :smiley:


I picked the Power burst, so it was all or nothing.

So two Keyboard buttons please. Pretty please. :blush:

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Thanks @Daren. I used the boost to hang with the dropped A’s and B’s. :rofl:

Enjoyable for this race event - challenging on Apple TV but then everything is with its useless remote! Companion app much better but sometimes fat fingers hit charge instead of boost! Like how multiple taps set the charge/boost bar targets and it really brought some thinking into when to use on each lap.

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Here is my awful stream:

Overall, I thought this was an interesting mechanic. I chose the mid range boost.


  • Drafting is so strong in the group, I could comfortably sit at the back while charging.
  • I liked the charge / discharge timing ratio. It felt like you could juggle charging / pushing and get a consistent boost. Would really like an event that we could try a group of 3 or so that could alternate to see if a break works with this.
  • The buttons are too small! Feels like they should be way bigger and not by other elements on the app.


  • Can you “double tap” the charge button? It wasn’t clear what this did if anything.
  • Can we do some shorter events to play with the different modes? 30 minutes is quite long to pick the wrong one and end up off the back.
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I really enjoyed it. I’m somewhat out of shape and this was a tough race for me, but the Charge and Boost adds an element of strategy and fallibility in terms of usage.

At the end of lap one I was with a small group including Gerrie. Approaching the hairpin towards the finish line, I felt comfortable enough, so I decided to charge up.

Bad call!

It was at exactly the moment the group accelerated and started getting away from me. I was dropped quick-smart! Not only could I not use my available Boost, I was also being penalised with a 50W power drop.

Even worse, I’d tapped “Charge” twice so had to wait for both bars to fill.

That was the last thing I needed, but crucially it was entirely my own fault. And that’s awesome in terms of adding tactics to the race IMO.

You can see what I’m talking about at around 5 minutes in my stream below (I don’t expect any of the rest of it is worth watching; a midle-aged C rider huffing and puffing isn’t great TV :smiley: ).

Anyway, I’d echo what Gerrie said. I really wanted a key to press. Something you can see in the video is me trying to find the buttons with my mouse. It’s hard to control a mouse that’s off to the side, and I often take a while to pick out the cursor against the background.

I don’t know if controls were available in the Companion - I was running SLOBS remote control. Also, using a keybind would lessen the chance I double click by mistake (happened at least twice)

Question: is the power alteration included in the display on screen (top left)? If it says I’m doing 200W under Boost, am I really doing 150W? Or am I producing 200W of real power and the game’s simulating speed for 250W? (Same goes for the trace graph - does it include altered power or the pure power from the trainer?)


It’s a great club! :smiley:

I believe so. I did it more than once, and had to charge up two bars when I intended one. Same with Boost.

Someone on Nathan’s stream suggested the power numbers must be unaltered otherwise it would muck with your FIT file, which makes sense.

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Someone on Nathan’s stream suggested the power numbers must be unaltered otherwise it would muck with your FIT file, which makes sense.

Can confirm that the boost did not change power numbers that were recorded:


Thanks Wes, super positive experience. Loved the extra dynamic of game play. Will wait for your survey for giving feedback.

One odd thing i noted was the combo of powerup and boost, it worked one way eg power up then boost, but not boost then powerup. At least that is what I recall at HR max :joy: will give it another shot tommoow.

It must be good @NathanGuerra didnt rage quit ! :rofl: Best comment of the ride :fire::wink:

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