More invites going out today

We just sent out another wave of invites so check your Zwift Companion to see if you got your golden ticket yet. :slight_smile:

Best way to know if you’re in the queue is if your profile ID is low, like REALLY low. We’re going oldest account to newest in the invite waves.

What if you are not part of a club yet?

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If you were part of the original Zwift Beta (account created before Nov 1st 2015), you should be in one of the later waves so stay tuned.

If you were not in the original Zwift beta, stay tuned for when we start on boarding additional clubs (which I have no specific ETA for at this time). :ride_on:


Thanks! I guess I should start looking for a club to experience the new content when it becomes available. I think I am somewhere in the 36000+range so I assume it will be a while.

How do you check what your zwift ID is, I can’t find it on companion or on my profile on the website.

Also, I just got an e-mail today, I knew I was a beta tester on jarvis. I think it’s possible I deleted joining Jarvis because I didn’t know what it was. Is there a way to get the invite sent again? I just thought is was some random club sending me info.

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Not low enough, 32739 :slight_smile:, but I think it’s before Nov 1st 2015.

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It’s important to know that invites are going out in waves and we expect all the waves to be completed in the next week or two (depending on load testing results).

If you haven’t gotten your invite yet and you were part of the original Zwift Beta, hold tight while we work through the waves.

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Wes - Is there a way to get the invite sent to me again in companion. I believe I got it a couple of days ago before getting the e-mail. I didn’t know what it was and closed it so now it’s gone. Thanks.

You should still have the Clubs menu item visible to you unless you pressed the DECLINE button for the invite. If you still have the Clubs menu item, the invite is still there waiting for you. If you pressed DECLINE, you’ll need to file a support ticket to get put on the list of re-invites.

As it stands right now, if you decline the invite … you are no longer in the Clubs system for now.

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Right - I declined the invite because I had no idea what it was. I then got an e-mail yesterday and now realized what I declined. I did reply to the e-mail, so hopefully it will be taken care of that way. Thanks.

The sequencing of the email and invites have been challenging due to a number of factors.

I just sent the invite again for ya, re-check Zwift Companion :ride_on:


No problem Wes, I was more talking it out in my head why I deleted the invite originally.

Yes - I did get the invite again, thanks so much!

Would I be able to get an invite to this my team member received one would be nice to test this out

I’m going to close this thread and point everyone to this thread that I’ll keep updated as we go through the invite process. :ride_on: