Clubs Update: June Recap

Hi all,

I’m afraid I have no major updates to share for June. The team are scoping out the foundational work for the key pieces below, most notably, Club races and the ability to find clubs aligned with your interests through better discovery tools.

If there is anything specific you’re particularly interested in and would like more details on current progress and timelines, please tag me and I’ll follow up internally to see if we can provide more information.

As always, let’s answer the following:

  • What can you expect in the next release?
  • What is Zwift working on now?
  • What is the status of feedback the community provided?

What can you expect from the next release?

The bug causing issues with saving activities to your club is due to be fixed for [1.27].

What is Zwift working on now?

  • Double draft mode
  • No draft mode
  • Rubberband mode
  • Steering mode
  • Reduce route image sizes on route selection
  • Abandon / delete a club
  • Club race creation

What is the status of feedback the community provided?

  • Discovery: Early in the process
  • Backlog: It’s on our radar and some work has been done
  • In Progress: It’s actively being worked on
  • Done: Released

Community Feedback & Status

Club Management

  • Ability to search for a specific club & filter through the full list of clubs - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to invite members via a sharable weblink - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club chat - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club event creation - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club announcements - Discovery
  • Push notifications for club join requests - Discovery
  • Club-specific push notification controls - comments ON/OFF - Discovery
  • Club-specific push notification controls - tagging ON/OFF - Discovery
  • Ability for non ZC users to join a club - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to abandon / delete your club - In Progress
  • Having more than 100 members in a club - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to join more than 3 clubs - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Links in club chat to be clickable - Discovery
  • Dedicated club chat channel - Discovery
  • See and customize time zones for clubs - Discovery
  • Dedicated sub groups or teams within clubs - Discovery

Club Events Settings

  • Adding event-only routes to club event route options - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Reduce route image size on route selection - In Progress
  • Fence mode - Backlog
  • Double draft mode - In Progress
  • No draft mode - In Progress
  • Rubberband mode - In Progress
  • Steering mode - In Progress

Club Event Management

  • Ability to configure more than 1 leader and sweeper for backups - Backlog
  • Remove subgroup text descriptions - Backlog
  • Creating recurring events - Backlog
  • Integration with Zwift Power for club created events - Discovery
  • Changing ride leader and sweeper at any time, even live during an event - Discovery
  • Ability to edit subgroup start times - Discovery
  • Ability to hide an event from club events feed - Discovery
  • Having a club “short name” - Discovery
  • Define specific jerseys in events - Discovery
  • Create an event series vs. single events - Discovery

Club Event Modes

  • Group workout templates - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Using existing workout library to create group workouts - Discovery
  • Club training plans - Discovery
  • Custom club group workouts - Discovery
  • Create club races - In Progress
  • Team time trial event mode - Discovery
  • Chat with club members after event end in game - Discovery

Club Identity

  • Custom club logo - Backlog
  • Using special characters in club name - Backlog
  • Club representation in game - Discovery
  • Club kits - Discovery

New Club Features

  • Internal club leaderboards - Discovery
  • Club race radio - Discovery


  • Event page crashes (Android) - Discovery
  • Pre-set club images are not always loading - Discovery
  • Event attendee list showing duplicates (iOS & Android) - Backlog
  • Changing routes doesn’t update in subgroup text description of the event (Android) - Backlog
  • All worlds are listed as Watopia for run templates (Android) - Backlog
  • Late join not working for club created events - Discovery
  • Issues saving activity to your club - In Progress

This was flagged as not working a couple weeks back has that changed and working now?

Also i don’t see it listed but are you working on per club notification settings. This would be a high priority i’d say as otherwise people will be turning off notifications completely and will be hard to get them to switched it back on.

Ideally i’d like to see two settings.

Turn off comments per club
Turn off tagging per club (e.g even if you turn off club comments if somebody tags you get notified)

On ATV we have to select every time our club.
Can you please request a change :
If we select a club
While we don’t change the club, club is save in our profile.

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Hi @Gordon_Rhino-Racing,

Apologies this was an error on my part, I’ve added the revised push notifications requests after we reviewed & edited these last month:

  • Push notifications for club chat - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club event creation - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club announcements - Discovery
  • Push notifications for club join requests - Discovery

Great suggestions! I’ve added your club-specific setting requests and will pass this on to the team:

  • Club-specific push notification controls - comments ON/OFF - Discovery
  • Club-specific push notification controls - tagging ON/OFF - Discovery



Hi @Lucien_Didot_FR,

I just want to double-check I’ve understood your request correctly.

You’d like the ‘share to club’ activity drop-down on the ‘end ride’ screen to save your most recently selected club?

Currently, this drop-down defaults to ‘no club’ and you need to select your club at the end of each activity.



Hi @ryan.
Yes exactly.
Also on Home Screen the default value is set to “NONE”.

Noted, thanks for confirming @Lucien_Didot_FR, I’ll pass this along to the team!

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Changing from one event to another auto-saves the ride to “No Club”. Would be very nice, if we could set a default club.

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Hi there,
When will we see more workout options in club rides?
When will we see the rubberbanding option in club rides?
I can see that these are listed as in progress and being worked on, but what timeframe please.
Thank you


Any updates for July?

for club-event-organizers its good to know what to expect in Sep/Oct 2022. So what updates could we expect in next few weeks?

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What is the maximum number of members for a club, as we were in the initial roll out we had 500 and now I see we have reached that and been advised we have reached the limit but I am a member of another club with over 5000 members.

Can we get an increase as we now have members who cannot join.

I would imagine for a fairly large club like we are 1000 would be ideal but we know there are clubs out there with over 3000 members.

Email referencing the club (although I can probably guess) and we’ll see what we can do.

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Thanks James…

May I know what are the criteria for CLUB, to be able to create an « official race » or « rase série” under Zwift power ?

You might get a better response if you email

Although the problem is zwiftpower was never designed for clubs so to get an event fully on there to edit is a bit awkward.

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Do you have any time ramenfor custom workout for clubs? It would really be a game changer for us.

Thanks you and all Zwift staff for your awesome work.



Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know I have seen your requests for an update and should have more clarity by the end of next week.

Thanks for your patience!

[I’ve had to revise the above as the team is now coming together next week to dive into clubs.]


Any idea on when an update will be shared? These monthly updates used to be really helpful to share progress but suddenly stopped…