Clubs Rollout Strategy

Hi guys … long time zwifter, first time poster.

I am curious what the strategy is with regard to rolling out the Clubs feature. Lots of references to it’s availability will be ‘soon’ … but will it be phased/staged in some manner? For example:

  1. Will the established/large groups get it first and then smaller clubs/groups will get access later?
  2. Or, everyone on this beta will get it all at the same time?
  3. Or, smaller groups will get access first to help iron out wrinkles before the big boys get it?

Asking for a friend :slight_smile:

I’m interested in that too :raised_hands::+1:

Question regarding future functions of Zwift Clubs :

Will anyone be able to create a club or will we have to send a request to Zwift for approval beforhand?

Gang - the Clubs devs are working on the foundation of the Clubs infrastructure so that it’s robust enough for lots and lots of Clubs activity. It’s still early days for Clubs.

Right now we don’t have answers on the broader rollout that we can share with you, but we do ask for your patience and keep an eye on this board. When we’re ready to make announcements, it’ll happen here!


Thanks for the update, could you give a bit more detail as to why it is ‘early days’ for clubs? Eric mentioned they have been working on it for a year now. Was it built and then scrapped? For me this is the most important zwift development to increase membership and keep people on the platform. Once your everyday cycling or triathlon club can organise regular events or races through zwift, there is a massive increase in retention and those that will feel ‘left out’ and then sign up.

As ever with Zwift, you cannot over communicate.

Welcome to the Clubs sub-board. You’re in the official place where we’re sharing comms about the Clubs feature.

Despite this being a long development project, we made Clubs a public FutureWorks test less than a month ago.

ping… any more news on club function?

Hi @_Sherpa_Dave_R_K_Hye

We’ve been working hard every week for many months. We’re at the point where we’ve looped in some of our most experienced club owners to develop the things they need to deliver an improved Clubs experience for the Zwift community at large. It’s been a steady, deliberate march forward.

We’re not quite ready to announce more details about Clubs feature, but we will. Stay tuned.


Whoop Whoop…Sounds it’s Almost there…Looking forward to the next update already :—) Fingers Crossed …
Great Job as well


Hi Shuji!
I understand you’ve already looped in your existing, experienced club owners to help build out clubs. I’d like to participate in that beta program if possible. I’ve been very active with the meetup features but have been holding back on expanding my club/group membership pending the Clubs feature. I’d love to help out and put it to use in the beta phase. Thanks!

Hi @Jeff_Winkler

We understand the request - but we’re not ready to expand the number of Clubs beta testers. The existing set of testers is giving us valuable feedback that will be useful for all club owners. Sorry to disappoint you, as I’m well aware of your expertise.

Not sure where to post this but I’ll put it here. In the Zwift Companion App I am not able to switch between clubs to change which one I am currently accumulating stats for.

Hi @Fez_Rockbottom you do that in the Zwift start up screen where you choose worlds and routes

Thanks Gerrie!

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How can I become a beta tester for Clubs ?

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You’ll need to request that of whoever runs your associated club, if they have been given access.

That I understand, but I’m an owner of a club , How can I have my club into this ?
Is it zwift that indicates whether your club is being rolled out ?

It seems not all clubs got invited to the beta.

Any news on rollout? Or expanding Clubs? Or anyhting?


The velocity on rolling this out seems next to zero . When are we likely to even get access to the beta functionality that some clubs have been enjoying for nearly a year . A Feature that has been available for some users for that long and not only that but getting updates too , but others cant access it is no longer a “FutureWorks” projects , its a closed feature for exclusive use . When we all pay the same monthly subscription that is not only frustrating its down right unfair . Your “beta” program by being handed only to a certain club type ( very large) is also not going to help with your roll out since all the testing and feature feedback will have been only to satisfty that limited requirement . When the far more numerous standard clubs get access to it ( if we ever do ) you are going to bombarded with feature requestes and changes you will be swamped with because you didnt do a more broad UAT program .