Club tab not yet available

The club tab in the compagnion app is not visible for me. I saw some others with the same problem. My current app version is the newest and I am a level 49 rider. What are my options to make a club, or does the tab appair in time?

It is a gradual rollout over the next few weeks.


Thanks. I too was looking for this feature. Hopefully it will roll out to all soon


Last night I logged in on a different phone, which had the same app version and both androids where on the newest firmware. On one phone I was able to create clubs, on the other phone the tab was just not there.

I dont find the answer wait for the rollout any satisfying. Its unsure what is rolled out in my perspective.

So maybe they are doing it by device ID?

Whatever method they are using, it is a phased rollout. Not everyone (or every device) gets it at once. It will be fully rolled out over the next few weeks.

What shall be done to get an opportunity to be part of the approval list ?
Iā€™m very interested to test and provide feedback with my team riders.