Can Clubs be Zwift Members?

If a (IRL) cycling club wants ability to organize virtual zwift events, is there a way for that club to signup as an entity for zwift membership so that the club can be the “owner”?

Problem with picking one individual as owner, is that there of course is no guarantee that one person will continue to perform in the same role for the club or even quit/leave some day, etc?

No but you can add multiple owners/admins/moderators though.

The club could buy a Zwift account that’s owned by the club.

That was my thinking. Though a snag, a Zwift account has to be level 20 in order to schedule and setup a club event, or start a club I think?

Yes, but the question is who is the “you”… as the owner, the club (perhaps one with 1000s of members) would have to really trust that person, right?

Not if you have multiple owners. Then if something happened to one person it wouldn’t affect the running of the club.

There has to be accountability for the club, it needs to tie back to a person.

Can there be multiple owners, or just one, but multiple moderators?

I would imagine the reason a club is a club, or businesses incorporate, is to disseminate responsibility away from a single individual and not its members (employees). Who would want to be liable for anything and everything any member (employee) might do?

Yes you can have multiple owners John.

You can also have multiple moderators too.

Thanks Stuart. Good to know. One last set of questions if I may… There still is a requirement that a Zwift member be Lvl 20 or higher I think in order to start a club. However, would that Lvl 20 requirement extend to any member that the ‘founder’ owner of the club wants to make as another co-owner? And then could the original ‘founder’ owner, be unmade as an owner and perhaps just downgraded to a moderator or even just a social member?

Yes to all the above.

The only part I’m not 100% sure of is the original owner demotion.

I’ve just promoted somebody to owner in my club to make them a co-owner. I can’t self demote myself but i assume the co-owner could demote me.

Only i wasn’t that brave to test the final bit.
I was able to demote the co-owner back to social though.

Thanks! So, I can’t make an e.g. Level 7 zwifter a co-owner of a club I have?

Yes you can, it’s only the creator that’s level locked.

Is there any current side-by-side overview of what an Owner vs a Moderator’s permissions are.
For example, I came across the below contradictions. Can Moderators create events? Or, what can’t a Moderator do?