Club Events into ZwiftPower Leagues

Has anyone successfully created club events in the companion app and then added them to ZwiftPower and associated them into a league to generate points and league standings?

I’ve got as far as…

  • creating the events in my club
  • adding them into ZwiftPower
  • adding them into a league

but I cannot get the race results to generate points and calculate a league standing

@James_Zwift is probably the best person to help you. You could also try sending an email to

Did you Edit each Race and setup the events to use Points scoring?

FYI it’s all YES to your questions…all works.

I’ve tried but I must be doing something incorrectly. Are you able to explain the steps of the setup?

Have you set category (under edit race) to points based?

Drop me a message on FB and I’ll help you fix it.

Thanks for the offer James but I don’t have FB, only my Discord channel.

Super helpful Dejan. I’ve got some elements of this working now and I’m playing with setting to try and back into how it all works. Would you mind sharing a config of your league settings as well?

Custom Points if you have LEAGUE Points Classification

Race Points if you want to use Points that use setup in each event

Stage if you want to use Time based like Tour de France

Thanks Dejan. This is exactly the type info I needed. And I assume you are setting up these events on your own through the companion app? I think this also means riders will not get ZP gains, right?

You need the category setting as per image if you want the results to display point.

Jonathan, let me know if you need me to set up a call with you to get your points/setup sorted.

(I think I set this up for you last year?)

James, that would be awesome. Let me know the best way to arrange a time to connect.

Drop me an email and we’ll work it out.