Zwiftpower league creation

Has anyone had success creating and managing their own league within Zwiftpower? I’ve seen screenshots from users trying to control league setup including the points system but I cannot seem to figure out how to access this myself.

it’s not open to all you need to be a zwiftpower event admin to create a league.

If you have public events and don’t have access setup i would contact

Then there are some helpful guides.
Series - Deleting or Editing a Series in ZwiftPower
Leagues - Editing a League in ZwiftPower
Events - Editing Events in ZwiftPower

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Thanks for this useful information Gordon. Do you happen to know the process to become an admin of your league and the associated events?

mailbox above should be able to help or you can try tag James_Zwift but I would try mailbox first as he is a busy man

You already are one Jonathan afaik.

@James_Zwift I don’t think I am. I’d love to be but I don’t have access to any of those settings

We’ll sort it for your next round of events.

I thought I had added you as one already.

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Sounds good. I’d love to dig in and take as much off your plate as possible.

Hy James,

Could you please look at my case also? :slight_smile: Having the same issue as Jonathan.


Which races is this for Tim?

It’s for event ID 3191673 - this was only our intern TEST event, just to see what we can do and what we can’t, before we go “public” with events. We would like to include points system and some of the power ups and so on… :slight_smile:

If you drop an email to we should be able to pick this up for you.

Oh gosh, it must be late for you if you are in the UK!

In Long Beach this week.

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Shoutout to @James_Zwift - thank you for the help with the League / Series setup on ZP, much appreciated :star_struck:

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