For further motivation, I would like to be part of some league. (building op points etc)

I know zwiftpower has or have had the league functionality, but I find it difficult to find active leagues only.
Is there some smart way to find it or do I have ta access every league to se if they are active and then consider if the time suits me ?


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zwiftpower will show you all the leagues and series

Unfortunately finding active leagues is not easy within Zwift/Zwiftpower. Zwiftpower lists all leagues including many (most?) that are not active, so it’s difficult to use that. For the league I run (GGCC) I put the active dates in the title but this appears to be the exception.

The Zwift Racers Facebook group is another option as they tend to be advertised there but it’s a bit hit and miss.

Personally I would use Zwifthacks to find races at times that I can do and then see if they have a league.