Setting up a League on Zwiftpower

Is there somebody at zwift that can assist with the Leagues on Zwiftpower, I seem to have a race assosciated with an old league and it is messing our results up

Freddie Evoltuion CC

Can you close the old league? Or remove the event from the events on the old league?

I’ve got 4 leagues set up for the 4 different races (women’s and mixed in 2 time zones).
When setting up the mixed in zone one I was experimenting with an old race to get the settings right so assigned an old race to the league. I have since removed the event from the league but the results still populate the table. I have tried deleting the league and setting up a new one. The new league seems to have blank results but the friday night race still seems to be associated with the old league which no longer exists.

Figured it out. Only issue I have now is I want the catergoy to be points based on wkg upgrade which I set, then update, all is fine for about an hour then it switches back to. Just wkg upgrade, any thoughts?

For points races, you have to set the primes after the race has finished. Yes, it’s annoying :slight_smile:

You also need to set the race type to points based wkg upgrade

You can also set the rules for your series so that you don’t have to change all the settings every time.

Hey James,

Thanks for replying. We only have 1 series setup which seems to be for every single event of ours. If I changed these setting would it also effect our other races? If so how would I stop it from changing the other races and just change the 4 races we want it to effect?

You can set up rules for keywords for each of your series - so you would want to set up a series for just those 4 events

Or are you looking to have 4 different types of event within your single series? If so you’d need to manually change each of those.

Gotcha James, Many thanks. Setting up these races on zwiftpower seem to be a dark art. Could I add you on facebook to ask some questions as im assuming you have set loads up?

Yes, of course

whats your name on facebook james?