ZwiftPower League Settings

Good evening all,

Could do with some help. I’m soon to be organizing the British Army eRace Series. I am starting to do some ground work and trial races to see how to setup etc.
So the I’ve created a league and basically the purpose is to host a GC Series over 6 Races but with 2 races per week, Wednesday @ 1500 and 1900. These races are the same circuit etc but has been created to help accommodate when people can ride.
So my question is how do I set this up.
I have done some reader here with the support links on Zwift but I’m not 100% sure I understand.
I have attached screenshots of what I have done. Would someone be able to critique for me please.

Thank you in advance

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Basically do it like this - but set it to best race in 24 hours (where I have it set to name)

You also want best x races to count to be set to 6.

Thanks James!

Just out of curiosity how does ‘name’ work? Does it rely on the course to be the same name or the event name?

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Yep - So with the Classics, each round has its own name. So it’s looking for the best time, for all events with the same name. So if you enter twice, it’ll only record one result.


How were you able to create and configure your own league. That’s what I’m looking to be able to do.