Setting up a League

Hi, does anyone know who to contact about setting up a league for our Triathlon Club? there’s about 50 of us zwifting and over the winter we’d like to set a different route each week for members to complete in their own time and then list the times at the end of the week, is this something thats possible? we’d like to do a different route each week.

I hope this makes sense! if anyone can help i’d be very grateful

Thanks! Sean

I don’t think this is possible. ZwiftPower leagues are built on events, not individual activities. You might have better luck building your competition in Strava.

Thanks for getting back to me. Still trying to work out how to do this on Strava , as a lot of people in our club aren’t necessarily on Strava or if they are they don’t have it linked directly to Thier zwift account and we are trying to make it as painless as possible of those non-tech savvy