How to create Series and Leagues


How do you create a Series and a League in Zwiftpower?

We are a club in Denmark, which have been riding a league with approx. 4-800 people through 6 months on bkool, with 30-50 teams. We also have approx. 3.500 members that uses Zwift, so we would like to do something similar on Zwift.

My current solution would be to create a Series of events in Zwiftpower and create a league from that. Would that be the right way to go, you think? @manda_F

Regards, Kenneth

@JamesBailey Would probably be a better person to contact about this. Or maybe just in general. I believe a Zwift employee has to create the series/league for you.

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Thank you very much @Oliver_SPEED_HOUND, I will try that. I had the impression that it needed to be a Zwift employee, but wasn’t entirely sure :slight_smile:

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Kenneth - I’ve seen your request.

We’ll get back to you on it soon.


@JamesBailey sounds good :slight_smile: