Q: Club series w/ results

Hi All,

I’d like to create a week long “series” for our Club, with results displayed. Like, 7 days, 3 flat, 2 hilly, 2 mountain stages with overall leaderboard, sprint and mountain competition. Cumulative results will have to be managed manually, I know.

My question is if the results are turned on for the Club event, will it be accessable within the Companion app after the event? Or on the webpage?

If not, I’ll have to employ Strava or ZP for that purpose.

(I know some issues organizing it o nZwift, but it’ll be mainly an entertainment like format, not tooth and nail fight for a big prize :slight_smile: )


You should be able to add the events into ZP with “ZwiftPower - Login

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Thanks, that is neat!

Also I see that I can filter for the sprint and KOM segments, which is great, because I plan to create such competitions :slight_smile:

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Another question raised. If I would like to have ITT stage, with mandatory TT bikes, I can’t set it in the companion app upon creating the event, and I know no means to check afterwards if a Zwifter picked the TT bike or not? Zwift’s game engine sometimes shows the previous bike after change, so if I see a Tarmac SL7, that doesn’t mean the Zwifter in question is using the Tarmac SL7, maybe he is on a TT bik,e buthe engine on my side is not updated the bike.

Any chance to set mandatory bikes for Club events, or where and how to check the used bike for the event? I’ve found no such listing on ZwiftPower :frowning:

Currently no, but if you ask nicely I can set it for you.

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Why thank you! That is great news, that you can set it :+1:

I really appreciate the support. It is a little bit later in the year, planned from 3rd of December to 10th of December, I’ll reach out and let you know in time!


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Hi James, one question - what is event secret on ZP?

Event secret is just the URL

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This link works better: ZwiftPower - Login

Just replace the 7 numbers at the end with the id of the event you are trying to add.

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