ZwiftPower Integration

How tightly is this going to be integrated with ZwiftPower? In my case, I want membership completely controlled via ZwiftPower. I do not want to have to manage membership in Zwift Clubs and ZwiftPower.

There is no plans for the Clubs functionality to integrate with any additional services. To use Clubs, all you need is your Zwift account.


That’s unfortunate, will make it DOA for many established teams, other than maybe linking events, although we already have this functionality at ZwiftPower, so not seeing any reason to yet put any effort into it once availability is expanded.

Jessica, I’m predicting the demise of ZP. GDPR already limited the numbers signing up and now there is no team filtering of results it has become less useful for me. Once Zwift starts to put in its own controls on those racing out of categories, there will be even less reason for people to sign up and once its results are no longer considered the ‘real’ results, it’s hard to see how it will continue to exist. There’s pros and cons in that: Zwift has been community driven and the more control Zwift takes, the more I fear it will stifle community development like ZP. But ZP filled a hole which is finally being addressed by Zwift and clubs is the logical next step in that. I hope Zwift will take the time to talk to ZP and learn all that they have discovered over their years of experience.


You assume all races are W/kg based. There are so many features in ZwiftPower racing, age based, points based, chase formats, after party races, team time trials, then there’s the live race data too.

@Wes, will there at least be a way for bulk imports of members into clubs? Some of the clubs are huge. Will there be public APIs around clubs? My team approvals use an automated system, I do not want to see another manual step added back in.

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I think you meant to say ZP had been community driven (not zwift)

True. I should also add that I very much appreciate what ZP has done and hope it will continue to thrive - filling these needs and perhaps finding new ones.

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I really hope that some stats and rankings like we have on zwift power will be available in zwift too. The ability to eliminate “non real” performances on zwift power is a biiig plus and ads tons of credibility. Also, you kind of know that there are way less “cheaters” on ZP, and if they register on ZP they “tend to” be fair about their weight.