Are the ZHQ guys on here able to advise if there are plans to fully integrate Zwiftpower into Zwift proper?

There was some really good discussion in the FIT file processing thread highlighting that although Zwiftpower has been an invaluable resource to Zwift racers, that there was the assumption it would be fully integrated into the Zwift infrastructure / website / game in terms of race results, DQs, analysis etc? It’s been a great site for years, but was obviously started by third parties in their spare time, and is built on forum software.
I don’t expect an ETA, but would @xflintx or @shooj at least be able to advise if this is in the road map to happen at some point? It would also explain why Zwiftpower hasn’t been enhanced or changed much since the takeover.

They are very unlikley to share anymore than this imo.

My guess is they are unlikely to share. However it would make absolute sense at some point but in terms of prioirty likely behind and tied to other things in their product roadmap.

If there was (I have no idea) a huge new version rewrite of the game to modernise it I would say that would be this would be the time. If you look at most games they re release / update on a regular basis and with the amount of cash now behind Zwift I would not be suprised if the strategy is to maintian and grow this code base while in parallel building the Zwift built for the future.

I think we will get the new UI before ZP gets a remake - oh wait, neither will ever happen


Does the move of the forum indicate further (and more exciting) changes are incoming? Wishful thinking?!