ZwiftPower is effed?

Yo @Zwift what are you guys doing with the ZwiftPower servers??
Forgot to feed the hamsters over xmas??
Why is it taking days / weeks to get power data?
ZwiftPower was working fine up til you guys took it over out of nowhere. Snubbing the site creator in the mean time? Well GJ. Bet he could fix this in minutes…

More than you ever wanted to know why Zwift has fouled (NOT the word I’m thinking of) up Zwiftpower since the take over: Zwiftpower .fit file processing stuck?


BTW do you know if there are any plans of integrating ZwiftPower directly with Zwift? One would think that in-app it would be easy to check that the persons height, weight or performance doesn’t change unrealistically over time.

I’m a bit surprised that most of the functionality wasn’t built in directly when they started with racing and categories.

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There seems to a theme of Zwift and slow software development.