ZwiftPower Website Down?

ZwiftPower seems to have been completely offline for the last couple of hours (504 error). Since just after the EMEA ZRL races. Any status updates?

Seems like ZP is fallling apart rapidly alas. Would be great to get some information from Zwift about what’s going to replace it.

I am sure that there will be an update … they are probably hustling right now

No issues according to and, for me at least, I was able to log in just now.

Which ISP do you use? Could be an issue on their end.

Might want to reach out to Zwift support

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Was extremely slow for me earlier and timed out a couple of times. Suspect it’s to do with all the WTRL races going on. Luckily it’s much more robust than it used to be. /s

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Not working for me. Can login but then it times out.

I suspect the status page page only reports on the status of zwift․com, and not zwiftpower․com.

I’m now able to log on, but the pages are taking a long time to load. It’s not quite dead yet…

It’s down the bottom, they added it a few months ago. It’s super accurate, obviously.

Ah yes - didn’t see that. Working well, I see…