ZRL & Zwiftpower

Are we going to get any updates on the ZRL, companion app, WTRLs Racepass, Zwiftpower issues that occured yesterday.

I am unable to see anything on the Facebook page as I was blocked by WTRL for pointing out they are a paid partner by Zwift for their results service. So are they booting people when there’s a crisis going on. Says it all. Unbelievable


See Unable to join events again - #9

That was 9 hours ago, surely it’s a P1 and there should be at least some communication about it?

I don’t disagree. Just pointing out the most recent communication about it, since you’d started a new thread.

Thanks Steve, didn’t mean to jump down your throat, im still fragile from being blocked from a community facebook group where the owners can take adulation but not criticism or fact.


No worries. I’m personally pretty surprised that there are so few posts on this, given how many people were affected.


UPDATE: we wanted to follow up on yesterday’s issues on this thread. We investigated and took measures so it won’t happen again.


thank you

upgraded the hamsters?