5/04/2021 ZRL Issues for C and D Cat - Status?

Apparently, there were all sorts of issues for C and D cat in the earlier ZRL races. Some riders forced to do 5 laps while others just 3. Some riders were awarded no powerups.

Since this is a Zwift sponsored series, can we get a status for the 2 Americas divisions???

Not good that races were messed up in that way of course … but

Power ups were not enabled for EMEA West A cat … fantastic. . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope the normal velocity for fixing stuff presides and they dont work for the rest of the series too … :pray:

Just more evidence that Zwift doesn’t really care about community racing. They slap their name as a sponsor for the biggest racing series on the platform and leave it to the 1 guy from WTRL to manage everything on his own. The guy is overwhelmed.

Actually its worse than that , Zwift ARE putting a lot of resource into it ( or rather some people in zwift are) but sure I agree its clearly not got the real backing of the bean counting chaps in Zwift towers …they are looking somewhere else , for some promise of a tangible asset to flog the beast before the wave breaks.

Customers , especially those who want things , we dont count as an asset we are fickle and volatile and will run off and use something else,. Now a shiny bit of hardware to capitalise … thats what gets them dribbling .

Zwift Box III Signature Edition on it’s way. (Silicon Valley ref!)