Cat enforced

Hello I am a d cat racer almost back to c after injury. But suddenly I can’t race d or c in cat enforced races. I never had the numbers to be a b racer. I wish I was. Someone knows what did this?

What does your Zwift(dot)com/feed profile indicate for your zFTP number?
Compared to this overview:

On that page I look like a b that’s right. But it’s not possible. I’

My weight is 90kg so the w/kg don’t match. :man_shrugging:

The watt are right.

So next question obviously is what’s your in-game weight that’s listed? Appears the calculations on your profile have you at about 56kg

For so far I can see 90kg

I think the advice would be to send an email to the following address and outline your problem then:

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I will try that thanks for helping. Not fun like this.

Some of those numbers in the zwift dot com profile don’t match what you have at Zwiftpower, suggesting you did some big efforts in freerides and/or workouts.

Category Enforcement uses power data from all Zwift activities.

The numbers don’t match me. According to the numbers in zwift dot my weight is 56kg and I am 90kg

I suppose worth asking… nobody borrowed your trainer and set their own weight and then changed it back when they were done? I think CE recalculates values for each time a weight change and ride is logged.

Yes my son did try out zwift once for a free ride of 30min. So that means I am fuckt now?

I hope there is a solution for that?

He wanted to sho me he could ride the radio tower faster then his dad. :pensive:

My son wanted to show me he could ride the radio tower faster than his dad once. Did not know did would change my numbers. If it was only in free ride. Is there a fix or am I fuckt for the rest.

email that zwiftpower team address and tell them what’s going on. I don’t know how they’d handle. @James_Zwift might be able to shed more light

Simple solution to try, might be to just do a 20+ minute hard ride with the correct weight and see if it updates again tomorrow

Yeah, that’s the issue with account sharing now, if a personal best is done at a lower weight it does affect Category Enforcement’s wkg numbers. Note it is possible to get a free kids account if your son is young enough.

Your kid hasn’t really won the radio tower climb until he does it at 90kg.

The numbers will time out in 60 days if you don’t get resolution quicker through